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Legal Timeshare Representation

Our firm is centered around protecting the rights of our clients through aggressive representation. The Finn Law Group has regularly achieved practical results, in a timely manner, against companies who use unfair and deceptive trade practices against consumers.

A timeshare lawyer is needed in cases where a consumer dispute appears to be at an impasse and legal assistance is required to resolve the dispute or litigate the issue.

Why Finn Law Group

A Word about our Resort Release-Timeshare Cancellation Department...

Over the past several years, Finn Law Group has developed a significant focus on clients who have entered a legally binding purchase agreement with a timeshare resort and now seek to “get rid of” or in some manner, cancel their timeshare contract.

Recognizing that the nearly non-existent timeshare re-sale market makes timeshare transfer extremely difficult, Finn Law Group has enjoyed significant success in obtaining timeshare cancellation, utilizing a combination of direct resort negotiation, state and regulatory filings, and litigation.

Experience Matters

Michael D. Finn

Michael D. Finn, Founder

Michael D. Finn is the founder of Finn Law Group and has been a practicing attorney for over 40 years, working on behalf of consumers with real estate, timeshare and fractional ownership issues. In addition, the Finn Law Group’s focus includes assisting clients with Mortgage modifications, foreclosure defense and bankruptcy alternatives.

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy, Associate Attorney

Patrick Kennedy is an associate attorney for the Finn Law Group, having recently passed the Florida Bar after graduating from Stetson University College of Law in 2012 while earning both a law degree and a Master’s in Business Administration. Patrick works in all matters for the firm with a focus on Fair Debt Collections and Consumer Protection Violations.
Fluent in Spanish - Se Habla Español

J. Andrew Meyer

J. Andrew Meyer, Associate Attorney

J. Andrew Meyer was born in Deland, Florida, in 1970. He graduated with an International Baccalaureate Degree from St. Petersburg High School in 1988, and attended the University of Florida, graduating in 1991 with a degree in Economics awarded with High Honors. Andy also attended law school at the University of Florida, receiving his juris doctorate degree in 1995. While at the University of Florida, Andy was inducted into Florida Blue Key and Phi Beta Kappa.

Rick D. Kennedy

Rick D. Kennedy, Associate Attorney

Rick D. Kennedy is an associate attorney for the Finn Law Group, having recently passed the Florida Bar after graduating from Stetson University College of Law in 2014, earning a law degree. Rick also holds a current, voluntarily inactive Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License, which he has held since 2006. Rick works in all matters for the firm with a focus on real estate transactions and contract law.

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly, Associate Attorney

Sean Kelly is an associate attorney for the Finn Law Group. Mr. Kelly earned his J.D. in 2016 from Stetson University College of Law, and his B.A. from Warner University in 2013. During his enrollment at Stetson, Mr. Kelly, being the son of two Air Force Veterans, volunteered at Stetson University College of Law’s Veteran Law Institute. Sean works in all matters for the firm with a focus on contract law and litigation.

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