Finn Law Group is extremely proud of it's ongoing efforts to attempt to influence pending legislation in the Florida legislature. Unlike many of the "special interest" lobbyists, our lobbying efforts are restricted exclusively to what we consider to be important consumer issues.

To date our efforts have included opposing legislation that we felt was unfriendly to consumers and heavily favored creditors, particularly original creditors with their own internal collection departments. We, along with other consumer based groups, successfully intervened, and the proposed legislation did not pass.

We also actively campaigned in Tallahassee against a bill advocated by the timeshare industry that we again felt benefited the timeshare developers significantly, but at a significant cost to the consumer. Although we were not successful in defeating the bill which became law on July 1st, 2015, we continue to believe that the bill is unconstitutionally vague and plan to challenge it in the courts.

Again, we are very proud of our continuing efforts in the name of the consumer. We believe in these causes and feel that our uncompensated efforts are one way that we can serve our client base and our community. We intend to remain vigilant and oppose proposed legislation introduced by the special interest groups that is unfriendly to consumers.

Over the last three months Finn Law Group, P.A. was involved in fighting against legislation in Florida that sought to strip consumers of current protections from harassment by creditors.  On February 17th attorney Patrick Kennedy attended a Senate hearing in Tallahassee and met with several senators to discuss the negative implications of this bill on consumers were it to be passed.  Although the bill was initially supported by hospitals and health care companies, many other industries joined to offer their support of this protection-stripping bill.  Though the bill was not directly related to timeshares, Finn Law Group monitors both timeshare and consumer protection legislation that could potentially affect its clients and will lobby against any efforts to deprive consumers of their rights.  To learn more about the bill Finn Law Group helped defeat, click here or contact our office at (727) 214-0700.

Justice for all should not be a commodity that can be purchased solely by those with the financial ability to stack the deck in their favor.

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