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Our mission statement to owners of interval resort interests seeking release from their onerous and possibly lifelong contract commitment;

For approximately the past three years of my 42+ years as a practicing lawyer, I have focused, over 90% of my practice on lawfully getting my timeshare clients out of their resort obligations. This has not been an easy task as the timeshare purchase agreement has no cancellation provision after the 5 to 10 day rescission period has elapsed.

My methodology is a combination of sound business logic and negotiation combined with threats of regulatory filings and litigation. Based upon my actions, the resorts know that I do more than threaten these actions. You may confirm this directly by reference to our webpage showing all our state and Federal regulatory filings and litigation including pending class action litigation. Knowing I will do exactly as I state, many resorts have seen the wisdom of negotiating with me. In the absence of documented litigable facts, and with my clients permission, I can often obtain a complete resort release with no further client liability going forward. Under these circumstances the resort gains as well by retaining the monies paid to date and regaining the interest in their property to place back in inventory.

We are very pleased with our success over the past several years and per many of our clients comments that they've posted on AVVO and shared with us we know that we have made a significant difference in many former timeshare owners lives and futures.

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