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A Word about our Resort Release-Timeshare Cancellation Department…
Over the past several years, Finn Law Group has developed a significant focus on clients who have entered a legally binding purchase agreement with a timeshare resort and now seek to “get rid of” or in some manner, cancel their timeshare contract.

Recognizing that the nearly non-existent timeshare re-sale market makes timeshare transfer extremely difficult, Finn Law Group has enjoyed significant success in obtaining timeshare cancellation, utilizing a combination of direct resort negotiation, state and regulatory filings, and litigation. It’s important to recognize that the client is contractually obligated via legally enforceable timeshare purchase contract and, from that vantage point, it is necessary to make a legal determination as to whether statutory and/or contractual defenses may be employed, at minimum, as leverage in seeking timeshare cancellation or timeshare transfer back to the resort via negotiation. Indeed, it’s fair to state that FLG has developed direct resort contacts who respond positively to our request for negotiation, knowing that we do not hesitate to accelerate the cancellation process by enlisting third party involvement when necessary.

FACT: Complaints, including deceptive resellers associated with the timeshare industry have escalated by 40% since 2010.

Source: Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB)

Once you retain our firm, our legal staff will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your case as well as construct an appropriate engagement letter based on the specific information you provide to us. In all cases, details are extremely important. We ask that you locate and assemble all pertinent information you have obtained from your resort for potential case submission and review, including contracts and other governing documents related to your purchase. Our firm then communicates directly with the developer, property owners association, third party collection agencies and credit reporting bureaus where necessary and appropriate.

We commonly review Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, RESPA, HUD and other potential statutory violations under federal and state laws that govern timeshare developers. If you are facing increased maintenance fees, special assessment fees, or other charges, our services may be of direct benefit to you.

Timeshare purchase contracts are designed to be enforced over purchasers lifetime, and possibly beyond. A timeshare interest is never fully paid for as maintenance and other required fees must be paid to the POA by all owners to support and keep the property maintained. Correspondingly, your financial obligations are literally lifetime commitments in the absence of a structured resale market.

Our law firm is occasionally retained to negotiate matters that involve timeshare owners who have experienced medical and/or financial hardship. In cases where no legal issue exists, the Finn Law Group will communicate the issues to the property owners association with documentation that supports aggressive negotiations for relinquishment and timeshare transfer back to the developer or direct transfer to the property owners association.

Regardless of the type of assistance you may require, the attorneys and professional staff at Finn Law Group will make every effort to achieve your individual objectives.

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